Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our First House!!!

We finally closed on our first house on Monday! After six weeks from our original closing date, and after several hours on the phone with the mortgage company, we are finally closed!!! Look how sinking cute it is! I mean honestly! We are so excited to start moving in and to begin our lives together there! We have honestly been so blessed and are so grateful for the chance we have to buy an amazing house especially in this economy! Once I can get moved in, and get all my cute decorations up, I will post mote pictures of the inside, but for now, look how cute the outside is even!

Our wonderful realtor, after so much work, brought us over a fantastic, and might I say delicious gift basket from Kneaders bakery last night! He and his cute wife, who I used to work with stopped by to visit and bring us this wonderful surprise! Nancy knows how much I love Halloween, which by the way will definitely be the first thing I decorate for, and so the basket was Halloween themed! They are so sweet! If anyone is looking for a realtor, Vince Landvatter is fantastic!

We are so excited to have been so blessed and wanted to share our excitement with you! It has been a long fought war with Envoy mortgage, who I definitely wouldn't recommend if you're looking to buy, but we are so ecstatic to finally own a home! More pictures to come! Yay for being a homeowner!!!!


  1. Yea Yea and YEA! So happy for both of you....nothing like having your own place - in fact, now you can walk around in your underwear and won't have to worry if Tyler's parents see you!

  2. This is SO exciting!! It's so cute and I can't wait to see pictures of the inside too :)