Monday, May 24, 2010

Foxes in Wolf Country???

We went to Wolf Creek this past weekend and look what we saw! Baby foxes! We found seven of them, and yes, we did name them all! (Oh, and we definitely named mommy too!) They were so cute! We pretty much hung out with them the entire time, they were just so stinkin cute! Just in case you were wondering, we named them C-George (for Curious George, because he was a very curious cute), Prancer, Belle (she slept the a ton, so we decided she needed her beauty sleep), Gizelle, Foxy (clever I know), Giddy, Mini, and mommy was named Cairo. Just in case you happen to come across them, you should probably call them by their given name! :)

Keep out...Moe Bites!!!

Spring anyone?

Now this is what we expected to see!

Time for a nap :)

This is my favorite picture! :)

Up by the lake...

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  1. oh im so glad you found me!!! Ten point for you and blogging!!! your are a peachy person!! I cant wait to see you....who knows the next time we will work.. but it will be good!